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Things are about to get weird. We teamed up with Nerm and the Ripndip crew for a new collection we'll call PUMA x RIPNDIP. Ripndip has brought a healthy dose of their irreverent and playful attitude to streetwear classics. This collection features Ripndip’s Lord Nermal on some of PUMA’s most popular pieces, including a RIPNDIP hoodie along with a custom graphic of Nerm transforming into the PUMA Cat Logo. Be ready for anything, and maybe don't question why you're turning heads all over the place in your new RIPNDIP shirt.

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16 Products
PUMA x RIPNDIP Suede Black Sneakers 4065454817198 589.0
PUMA x RIPNDIP Suede Blue Sneakers 4099683181515 589.0
PUMA x RIPNDIP Tuff Plus Slippers 4099683181355 239.0
PUMA x RIPNDIP Slipstream Sneakers 4065454848192 719.0
PUMA x RIPNDIP Men's Sweatpants 4099683633571 389.0
PUMA x RIPNDIP Slipstream Sneakers 4099683403693 719.0
PUMA x RIPNDIP Men's Sweatpants 4099683861998 389.0
PUMA x RIPNDIP Men's Hoodie 4099684024897 459.0